Williams Orellana

I am a desktop and Web developer who loves to work with open source software, I like play with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript. In my spare time I like make some designs with Inkscape, GIMP and Blender.

It's normal in programming easily be adapted to a style, either that we learned when we gave our first steps in programming or that we adopted during the learning process. This day I found myself with a very curious case in a project in which I was working.


In the world of programming is known as Yoda Conditions or Yoda notation (The name for this programming style is derived from the Star Wars character named Yoda, who spoke English with non-standard syntax.) and basically consists of changing the typical order of a conditional statement. Basically the equivalent would be the following:

if ( 7 == $foo){
        // Yoda was here.

When logic says that a conditional sentence would express as follows.

if ( $foo == 7 ){
        // Your super code here.

Ok, but why change then 'natural' order of a sentence? Well, according to developers who defend this practice it provides benefits and avoid common mistakes that often make newbies programmers, consider the following code fragment:

if ( $bar == 2 ){
        // Reads like: "If the bar is equal to 2...".

if ( $bar = 2 ){
        // This equals the new value of bar and not the desired condition, and overwrites the value of bar.

This is a very common error, which would not happen if Yoda notation is used, the code above would be:

if ( 2 == $bar ){
        // Reads like: "If 2 equals the bar".

if ( 2 = $bar ){
        // This is a syntax error and will not compile.

Personally I do not get used to see Yoda notation, but it all depends on the perspective in which you look, the fact is that there is much code the web with this particular style of programming, so the safest thing is that sooner or later you will meet this kind of practice.

Until next, Best regards!

Elementary OS is my new linux distro. it's based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian, that makes it a linux distro with strong foundations. Recently it has gained popularity according to the site DistroWatch site that specializes in providing news, rankings popularity and other general information about various Linux distributions as well as other free software/open source Unix-like operating systems such as OpenSolaris, MINIX and BSD.


I have to say that visually is a delight, a minimalist design and a eye to details makes this distro simply wonderful. Some people believe that the design mimics to much to OS X, the fact is that the developers have put special emphasis on the visual part, and from my point of view is very good, because the appearance is a vital part, after all well say that love enters through the eyes grin


Currently the stable version is Luna which was released in August 10, 2013, and now is under heavy development the next major release is called Isis which will bring important improvements and even more stability, if you are a developer, designer, translator and/or web developer and want to get involved in this exciting project you can do it.

Until next, Best regards!

It's been a lot of time since my last post and a lot of thing has changed, as usual life goes up and down but the most important thing is to get the best and always try to learn even in the worse cases.

One of most important things I had done is switch my default linux distro (although it is still my favorite) I have switched from Debian to Elementary OS, I have read a lot of good reviews for this distro and I decided to give it a try, and to be honest I liked a lot.

So I'll be posting more things about this distro, more coming grin

Until next, Best regards!

As usual, time flies, I've been busy with work and other activities and the free time is not enough, anyway.

Just passing by to give a small update of my life in these days of absence.

  • I have a lot of work ( that's good grin )
  • I have thought to embark some personal challenges, I can not give many details at the moment.
  • New member of the family, is a Siberian Husky puppy and her name is Maya.


those are the most important updates for now, I hope to share more when they happen.

Until next, Best regards!

It's been already some time and I had not updated the blog, among a thousand things to do I decided to give a little change, something that for several days I was hanging around my head and is the theme, as the previous I did not like so much, so I decided yo change it for a new one.

Actually I really like the new one, so this will be my new theme (At least until I get bored). Also I have set a goal of posting more often at least once a week, I hope this time fulfill grin

Until next, Best regards!