Williams Orellana

I am a desktop and Web developer who loves to work with open source software, I like play with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript. In my spare time I like make some designs with Inkscape, GIMP and Blender.

It's been already some time and I had not updated the blog, among a thousand things to do I decided to give a little change, something that for several days I was hanging around my head and is the theme, as the previous I did not like so much, so I decided yo change it for a new one.

Actually I really like the new one, so this will be my new theme (At least until I get bored). Also I have set a goal of posting more often at least once a week, I hope this time fulfill grin

Until next, Best regards!

Well yes, It looks like a tradition to start a new blog every year, and there were many factors that have forced me to do so, from something as "simple" as not making a backup sad to more complex as my hosting provider cancel me, so this time I wanted to do something different and not fall into the same a.k.a. wordpress, so I decided to host my blog on Github well I have total control over the posts, they are in my git repository, and change pages from dynamic to static content, this with the help of Pelican.

The truth is that I like the result and I feel very comfortable with this combination grin.

Until next, Best regards!